About The Site: Two Questions

A question I often ask myself is, Who am I? Followed by, Why am I always so bored? I came to the conclusion that I am Me, which is subject to change at any moment without notice; I’m always so bored because I never try anything new. The two questions were more closely related than I had imagined. The solution, I literally Stumbled Upon: stop using shampoo and conditioner!

While Stumbling one afternoon, trying to kill time and the aforementioned boredom, I came across the blog of a Simple Mom. In the post I found, she urged her readers to stop using harmful detergents in their haircare regime by relating her methods and experiences switching from daily shampoos to once weekly baking soda rinses. The day I began this blog was the day I began my new hair cleansing experiments as per Simple Mom’s instructions. I figured what better way to truly see the results in my hair than to record them? I rationalized that it would be even better to start recording all of the new things I wanted to start trying. So here we are!

The reason for creating this site comes down to a desire for change and an obsessive need to record the process. I believe you’ll learn a lot more about who I am by reading my posts– and people WILL read them…eventually. But for now? It’s enough to just Try A New Thing.


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