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Weakened willpower and a hairy mess (Days 2, 3, 4 & now 1)

There has been a serious lack of posts here, as my readers might have noticed. Nonetheless! Here I am, up and back in action, bowl of Special K in hand. Days 2 and 3 of the No Shampoo Revolution went over without TOO much excitement in terms strand status, but we did have ourselves quite a setback.

My best friend Lola came back to town, so I crashed at her place for a couple days to get away. Day 2 passed without much to speak of, though I found myself missing shampoo and leave-in conditioner (as my hair wasn’t up to its usual standard of loveliness.) You see I’m a complete nut about cleanliness and haircare, so this No Shampoo Revolution is a huge test of willpower for me. Unfortunately it’s also a test of my patience, as well. Never was this more evident than yesterday, Day 3.

My day started like any other. I woke up, stretched, drank some water, put on Food Network and kicked back for half an hour before deciding to rise and shine. As soon as I folded back the blankets, a headband was holding back my bangs, and bobby pins were tucking my errant ends away for safe keeping. With the amount of oils protruding from my head, however, I realized that even with the appropriate hair accessories, I was doomed to cringe until nightfall. I gave it until about noon and pinched myself. I had to do something. My search for baking soda would soon be on. Now it must be said that on Day 2 I woke up with the driest follicles I’ve ever had, paired with the greasiest roots anyone has ever seen, so I had decided that a switch from honey to vinegar was necessary. Forgive me for not sticking to my guns on this one, but it’s only going to get worse as you read on, so I’m going to call the switch “small potatoes”.

There I am, looking for any trace of baking soda and vinegar in Lola’s kitchen, frantically wiping my forehead on my sleeve. I searched for a good ten minutes, but to no avail. Suddenly, I remembered reading somewhere that a little soap plied at the roots coupled with a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil were viable as fair substitutes in lieu of one’s regular No ‘Poo products. So, heading to the upstairs bathroom, I combed the knots out of my hair with a small brush. The water running a little hot as I knelt over the tub, I lathered up my bangs and roots, and rinsed. After this first step, I should have known something wasn’t working. Between the alkaline water and its alkaline partner, soap, my hair was already screaming in protest. Nevertheless, I haphazardly pressed on. Eying the olive oil bottle and anticipating the feel of it sliding over my scalp, I shuddered as I spooned the stuff onto my roots. Let me emphasize: shuddered, positively recoiled in disgust. Under no circumstances do I suggest a natural haircare n00b using this solution. My lord, what a godawful gooey, tangled mess my hair had turned into!!!! I couldn’t run a brush or comb through it, I couldn’t stop nearly vomiting at the consistency of it, and I couldn’t take the regret as a result thereof!!! So I caved. Yes, I reluctantly admit it. I caved like an abandoned coal mine under the weight of the mountain during an earthquake: my hair was shampooed and conditioned, and by Nioxin Fine Hair products no less. Instead of depriving my sweet strands of those nasty chemicals, I pumped in additional ones not usually found in your everyday shampoos. I was supposed to heal my head, and to this end I had failed. I wallowed in my shame as I blow-dried and styled my hair to perfection. I shied away from potential peeks at myself in mirrors, knowing I was having a particularly good hair day.

I’m sorry to say that I must concede to my lack of posts being tied to this. I was feeling sorry for myself and couldn’t bear to air my dirty laundry for all to see in these pages. But here I am, right? There’s no moping in a life of newness. Back on our feet we go, dear blog and dear reader! Today I will use my aforementioned baking soda and vinegar mixture to cleanse my mop, and we will begin anew. The countdown is resetting, and this will be, again, Day 1. I wonder if I’ll experience any Deja Vu? I guess we’ll have to see, and in the interim we’ll cross our fingers that the second time around will be a charm. Here is to a new ‘new beginning’, and a brand new determination.