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Trying New Things (and ensuing insanity!)

To The WordPress Gods, and Men (and Women!) More Mortal:

A blog, you say? A dime a dozen, you say!

Well be that as it may, onward and upward!! I decided, after much self-debate, to start actively working to change my own health; a reliance on harmful chemical foods/products; a lack of energy and excitement for life. I want to start finding better ways to have awesome hair, skin, food, fun, and days, without being afraid!

So! Around December, I stopped using my depression medications, with a cessation of taking anxiety medications six months following. I then chose to fight for sobriety (having abused various substances for the last six years) and rebuild myself and my humanity all over again. My mom and boyfriend Shane, whom I imagine I’ll mention a lot in these pages, has been a huge help and support in these regards; but help from others can only get me so far.

I’m starting a blog because, well, why not? I’ve never done it. It’s a new way to exercise my grammatical skills (or lack thereof) and a new way to chronicle my new experiences. It will be rough, initially: there will be a serious lack of pictures until I can get my hands on a working digital camera that’s NOT attached to my Samsung Moment. And they say, “All that glitters is not gold.” While I couldn’t tell you who “they” is,  “they” do seem to know a lot more than me. So in the spirit of also trying new things for yourselves, ignore the lack of glitter and try to bear with me while I bust out the gold! 🙂

Here is to new friends, (hopefully) new readers, and a new way of being Me.

MY last word on the subject is this: “Welcome!”