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All-new Apts. and New Neighborhoods (The Countdown Starts)

Santa Monica, California: the “greenest” major metropolitan area in California; the city of beaches; chock-full of chic boutiques and upscale gastropubs; my new home.

This morning I woke up to a text from my boyfriend. I read it, and “we got the apartment” was all it said. Jumping out of bed, I screamed the news to my mother in the other room. I couldn’t contain myself! I still can’t contain myself!

Can you believe it?! In three short weeks, I’m trying the newest thing I can think of and I’m moving away from my hometown for the first time! Shane and I are moving together, far away from the safety and comforts of our safety nets back home. I, for one, couldn’t be more terrified or excited. It’s a new thing I’m not apprehensive about trying. It’s a new life I’m not apprehensive of living. What can be better than that?

Not a damn thing. I’m forging the way to the Epitome of Experience, the Be-all and End-all of Newness: a 9 hour trip from home to…Home.

Here, my dear readers, is to being happy.