Carrot Cake de Culinary…Luck

Another day, another urge to bake.

Erm, that’s how the saying goes, right? If it isn’t, it should be. Nothing soothes the savage in me like baking up a good dinner dessert that I almost destroy with my inattention to detail!!! My dear Lola wanted carrot cake, and carrot cake she did have! Well. Okay. She almost didn’t have it, but I pulled through with a little extra sweat.

What the hell am I talking about? My new thing this week: making carrot cake from scratch. Not my grandmother’s carrot cake, no, not quite…but delicious and savory nonetheless.

It all started while walking through a local grocery store whose Club Cards shall not be named; dear Lola and I pondered the age old question of how to best stuff our faces full of sugar. We just couldn’t decide. And when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘me’. She pointed to the cheese cake, and I shook my head. She wanted the chocolate cake, and I said that I wasn’t in the mood. She asked about the cookies, and I made an excuse about their quality in this particular store. Suggesting cake after cake and pastry after pastry that I simply shot down, Lola finally settled on a rather large and overly-decorated piece of carrot cake with some exasperation. Only, I mentioned then that I didn’t eat carrot cake that wasn’t homemade– insert roll of the eyes here. In that frustrated and ever-sarcastic way of hers Lola snapped that I should “make the damned cake myself, then!” It was SO on like Donkey Kong.

I texted my boyfriend, asking him to check out a carrot cake recipe on All Recipes since my network was acting all wonky. I looked over the ingredient list, and soon I was throwing ingredients into our cart mostly pellmell. With the eggs in the basket everything was set…or so we thought. It wasn’t until we got home that I realized I hadn’t purchased any carrots. For our carrot cake. Thankfully, Lola had gotten a bad of pre-mixed salad with plenty of carrots inside to go with dinner. I was sure that all was not lost!  Unfortunately, as per my luck, the bag only contained about half of the carrots we needed.

So improvise I did! I was sure that this carrot cake would be iffy at best, but when friends call for carrot cake, it must be done! I got to work, and eventually popped that bad boy in the pre-heated oven. I was unsure about how everything would turn out. In the end, I had accidentally added pepper before the cinnamon, had too few carrots (and too much pineapple) and over oiled/floured the glass pan that was supposed to be metal. But for all this? My cake was effing delectable. I must admit to you now that I used a store bought cream cheese  frosting, as I didn’t have much experience with confectioner’s sugar. So I’m not necessarily Susie Homemaker, but I’m still terribly proud of my culinary fortune skillz. I’ll just be Susie’s sometimes-too-impatient cousin, Terry Try-Her-Hand. As in I try my hand at things I’ve never done without direction? Ha? Ha…ha?
Okay, Okay, that joke was lame even for me. But nonetheless!

Here is to amazingly (and surprisingly!) moist delights…and Lady Luck!


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