The End of Enduring, and Lack of Loyalty (Day 0)

Yesterday, dear friends, I lost my cool. Oh, here we go, you’re thinking, another confessional, another reset. Well, yes….and, no. I am giving up again. However, this time I’m going to be honest with you and just flat out say it: I can’t do this. The hair thing, I mean. For the past few months, my skin has really been clearing up. Due to the ultra-greasiness of my head the last week and a half, I’m back to square one. I’m one of those city girl types I warned in the first post. I’m not strong enough to handle the ten-fold increase in oil production.

So we’ll start the search for something New. I think I’ve realized that while aiming high is important, being realistic about my abilities and tolerance levels is also extremely important. I want to push myself, but maybe baby steps would be better? So I will call this a reset, but I will also chalk it up to a learning experience, and leave it at that. Maybe if there’s a political revolution someday (there will be, I assure you!) I’ll have the balls to bear that oily, horrifically greasy mess. Maybe it will be great and work out just fine, just maybe not right now. SO, dear readers, I’m looking for other new things to try.

Any suggestions?

Let me know, and I’ll keep Stumbling in the mean time. I only hope Simple Mom can forgive my lack of commitment to this one. (I’d say I hope that I can forgive myself…but there’s nothing quite like a good hair day.)

Here is to….trying new things.


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